Name: Gold-> Platinum
Price: 30.00 27.00 USD

Upon completed purchase you will be rewarded what's below.

This rank is permanent. It persists through resets.

- Platinum In-game title
- Payday increased to 1000.00 Shekels hourly
- x25 Quantum Keys (One-time)
- 100 Sethomes

- /enchant (Enchant your items)
- /repair (This repairs the item your holding)
- /ec (Allows you to use /enderchest)
- /craft (Allows you to use /workbench)
- /trash (Portable trashcan)
- /nick (Set custom name in-game)
- /fly ( Allows you to fly )
- /heal (This heals you to full health)
- /feed (This feeds you to full Hunger)

- PlatinumKey kit (48h Cooldown)
- 5x Quantum key